Craft Room Clean Up, 2017 Edition

It has been about two and a half years since I last reorganized my craft room.  In that time, I’ve been to several conventions, been through a pregnancy, made several costumes, had enough sewing nights to move things up and down several flights of stairs a few times, had a baby, and continued moving a lot of my sewing and crafting tools up and down from the first floor to the third floor.

None of these things are excuses, but to me they definitely explain how my craft room came to look like this.

Two and a half years of crafting in all its glory.

The table actually hides a good bit of mess.  Behind / under it is just a mountain of random fabric I bought or took out and never put back in the closet. Speaking of the closet…

BB-8 follows you wherever you go …

As an aside, it was interesting to read my last post on cleaning this room.  In it, I talked about random things I found in my crafting stash that I did not know I had.  You’ll be happy to know I still have most of it! LOL

Googly eyes and “steampunky chains”?  Check.

You might be slightly happier to know that the Box O’ Random Shit has been sifted through and been found wanting.  I tossed a good amount of stuff from in that box, and categorized most of the things I kept.  Now the wooden dowels and styrofoam balls have their own shoebox home labeled “Wood & Styrofoam” – clever, amiright?

I still have a number of oddball things in my craft room.  For instance, I now have a pouch on the portable wardrobe that is labeled “Mirrors”.  Pretty sure a box or a pouch is gonna wind up labeled “Purple Beach Balls,” though it would be pretty fun to label it something more like “Shriveled Grapes of a Giant”… By far the most fun thing I found this year was an unopened recordable VHS tape – it was in a taped up bin that I haven’t been through in years since one of our bigger moves.

Why on earth do I still own this?

My mom, Cleaner and Organizer Extraordinaire, offered to help me in this year’s endeavor, and I took her up on it.  After about 4-6 hours of work, we had gone through quite a bit of stuff, separating things into like categories as we went.  Here is an in-progress shot.

For a while, I continued piling fabric in the center under and on top of the table. But you can see the floor BEHIND the table again!

Let’s do a review of the craft room improvements, shall we?


In addition to general cleaning, my reorganization this year focused on project planning and workflow to support my crafting habits.

For instance, I know a lot of the projects that I want to work on this year.  Rather than putting all that stuff away in its home, I wanted to have a space dedicated to projects in planning and projects that are ready to be worked.  And I will put projects away as they are finished and worn.  I know that as a crafter that I love to plan my projects and that I have a habit of doing a “cutting binge” – a short period of time where I make/cut the patterns and fabrics for a handful of projects at once – and then I slowly work through the builds. I wanted a room setup that will be conducive to those habits.

I also have some patterns that I reuse over and over again – like my self-drafted leggings pattern, my corset and waist cincher patterns, and my pajama pants patterns.  I wanted an easy access area for these patterns to live so that I can always find them!

You can see I don’t have all the FUP (Frequently Used Patterns) spots filled, but that is ok since it gives me room to grow on that front.  Since the wall piece for this came in a pack of three, I decided to hang the others in the closet along the wall to identify patterns I am super interested in using in the near future.  Almost a pre-planning area.

Since I started by talking about the planning area, here is a view of that complete wall.

You face this wall when you enter the craft room.  The wall to the right now sports a portable wardrobe that I put together and am using for storage of many things – fabric in the center, fake plants on the left, markers and drawing utensils on the bottom right. Then the ironing board (yeah, the surface of that still has some clutter), plus my favorite new stained glass ship art from DC 2016.

Then the sewing machine and serger station, with the hanging wall organizer.  I also added some art, a small shadow box for glass figurines, and a clock my friend Suzanne gave me.  And a trash can.  The fabric in my chair is actually headed to Goodwill or friends who will take it.  From this side you can see the door, which leads to my husband’s man cave.

And finally the left wall as you enter the room.  Nothing here has really changed much – I did all this organization a few years ago.  It just got cleaned up and decluttered.  I moved some of my artwork to this wall since I decided to make the planning area.  And you can see into the bathroom and the closet door frame from this view.I intend to bring up a counter height table for cutting to place in the center of this room, but for now I will just enjoy how spacious and clean it feels 😀

Here is a close up collage of the planning wall area.  It includes a rack for planned projects, a dry erase planner so I can try to keep myself on schedule, and the FUP envelope hanger.  The larger chalkboards will be for my next 3 projects.  Two of them have spots on the top of the planning rack.  The third is more of an on deck space, above the FUP stuff.  The lower shelves of the project planning rack are just available to remind me of what I want to do when I am in need of a new project of a time-filler project.  Right now they aren’t all cut, but I feel a cutting binge coming on soon. 😉

I know I am excited about all of this, but what do you think?  Any additional suggestions?


Here’s a panoramic shot of the closet.

Panoramic view of the walk in closet attached to the craft room.

I also took individual shots of each section, and put them into a collage photo.

Start in the bottom left, go up, then right, and then down.

Starting in the left hand corner (bottom left of the collage below), you’ll see the rest of my patterns – the ones not designated “frequently used” or “upcoming” – live in a bin in the now clean closet.  The corner is also still a good place for other things I don’t have a great place for, like giant fabric spools and a large piece of Wonderflex.

The upper left of the collage shows more of the left wall and the beginning of the back wall.  The back wall of the closet houses costume odds and ends on the top shelf, such as the steampunk dragon I made of Sculpey, the gun from Jesse’s Booker cosplay, some Quidditch pads from my impromptu costume a few years ago, and many other things.  Underneath, I have my greatly reduced fabric stash placed on two different hanging shelves.  I also have a section of slips and underskirts hanging for various cosplays, and a stack of costume storage bins, which I labeled!

The right wall of the closet has more of the fabric stash on top of the shelf (brocades, holiday fabric, used costume pieces), and the final bits in the blue drawer shelf.  My finished Lady Hades and my incomplete Lady Liono costume are there in smaller boxes since I ran out of bins. And a few more bins of costumes are stacked, plus some boxes and helmets and pieces that didn’t fit nicely in boxes.

Now for one final comparison photo.

Sorry for the long post, but man cleaning this thing took forever.  At least now I can get focused on the fun stuff – sewing and crafting! 😀


4 comments for “Craft Room Clean Up, 2017 Edition

  1. January 26, 2017 at 10:36 am

    Looks great! This is how I felt about cleaning my office / craft room a few weeks ago! I know it’ll get messy again, but it feels great to be organized and decluttered for a little bit 🙂

    • January 26, 2017 at 10:47 am

      Thanks! Yeah, I know it’s only downhill from here, LOL. But it’s easy to overlook that when everything is so shiny and clean…

  2. Patty poulos
    January 27, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Too bad aunt Patty was not there to help
    You – but your mom
    Did great job! I am known by all my friends to be a great organizer! Ha!

    Love you sweetie! Tell mom
    Bravo – what a difference! Send love to mom
    And dad ❤

    • January 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Thanks! It’s much better – now if only I can keep it that way!


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