Onomatopoeia, Space, and Acrylic Trials

Since I was so close to finishing two more pairs of pants for Link last week, during the limited amount of crafting time I had this past weekend I decided to finish those up.  I decided I am not going to call them pajama pants … because heck, I would wear them to work, so he could totally wear them to daycare, right?

For instance, he has lots of space themed onesies.  Check out the stylish cuteness:

Of course, mere hours after he wore them for the first time, he had to christen them with vomit so … maybe not gonna wear them to daycare as soon as I had hoped.  Here is the before photo (don’t worry I didn’t take an after …).

I did get to try out a new method of drying the carseat cover in my dryer using the shoe drying rack, so maybe that makes it exciting?  It worked well.

I also completed a second pair of pajama pants in the onomatopoeia print that I used to make his romper a month or two ago.

Onto slightly more interesting things.  I have been slowly doing some proof of concept work for the Marvel-ous Jedi costumes for DragonCon.  I believe I mentioned that I want LED light-up logos for each costume to wear on a belt or on their chest, etc.  I bought enough supplies to do a trial run.  I do intend to do a tutorial on these builds once I finalize the details.  But!  A bit of the trial and error process.

You’ve probably seen various light up acrylic signs around the world.  Here is a sample of what I based my idea on.

It was tough to find pre-cut acrylic in the thickness I really wanted (which was about ½”).  But I found the perfect cut and size spheres on Amazon, and decided to put more than one acrylic piece together for the light-up pins.  I would do my designwork on the center piece of acrylic, and put a normal piece on top and bottom.

What design work, you say?  Well, I intend to do logos for each Marvel character.  Since mine and Jesse’s cosplays will be worked on first, I started with Hulk and Iron Man.  I drew the designs on card stock and taped them onto the acrylic.

Please choose an easier logo for your project. Cutting this Hulk fist with a straight edge was unpleasant.

Once that was done I needed a way to keep the designs there but without the stencils.  On my first try, I traced the Hulk design in Sharpie, which wound up looking like this.

Theoretically, once I was done grinding down the acrylic, the marker color would disappear.  Which was true, but it took a while.  Above you can see that after initial grinding, the red tinge stayed on the acrylic, but after additional layers of grinding, it came off completely.

I found some neat LED light strips to circle around the acrylic spheres.  It is actually tough to find small enough strands of lights for this, but thankfully, these LED strips have places where you can cut them smaller without disconnecting the circuit.


Glue was the next problem.  I want something that dries quickly, but also dries clear so it doesn’t absorb much of the LED light.  Hot glue did not fit that bill.  I wound up buying E6000 for this, bit works great on the sides of the acrylic to attach the light strip.

Unfortunately, when I tried to use it on the back of the acrylic stack to attach some foam backing, it didn’t go as well.  The glue caught the light more than I wanted it to, and so I went off to try and figure out a different way to house the acrylic light-up device. Here is what the acrylic looked like lit up, before and after the glue.

The before image is actually on the bottom of this photo collage. You can see the glue remnants in the top photo, which is the after.

I think a fabric holder will work best.  I did a small trial on that, and I know I can glue or sew pins onto the back of it.

The trial piece was a little small, and lacks space for the wire to poke through to hide the battery pack.

So I have ironed out a lot of the kinks in making these light-up pins, and you can look forward to a full tutorial on this next week! 😀 Cheers!


2 comments for “Onomatopoeia, Space, and Acrylic Trials

  1. Patty
    February 7, 2017 at 9:53 am

    You are amazing Jennifer! Love the pj’s you made for Link! He is getting so big! Start a baby PJ company! Love aunt Patty

    • February 7, 2017 at 10:27 am

      I think I’d need to learn to make onesie pajamas with feet to do that. Not to mention have more time for sewing! Haha!


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