February Costume Progress: Rey

According to my costume planning calendar of the craft room, I have to complete a costume every month from now until September! This month’s costume is Rey, which I have had cut for a few months, using only fabric from my stash!  Hooray!

I used McCall’s M7421 pattern, and a bunch of beige and ivory / off-white knit, plus some beige gauze.  I still have to pick up boots and make the straps / belts / accessories.  Maybe I will investigate some leather working again.  Not sure.

I’m doing the sewing in pieces.  So far I have completed the gauze shoulder wraps and the knit top.  The gauze was very easy, just a matter of stitching things together and using the seam allowances for elastic casings.

The nit top was also simple, but the neckline was something slightly different from things I have done before.  It’s a steep V-neck that is partly held together with some laced twill tape.  Additionally, when I cut the pattern, I doubled up the neckline piece, but didn’t cut the V-neck facings.

Wonky too-small V-nek facing pieces.

Since I was out of fabric, I cut the extra neckline piece in half and stretched it while I sewed it to the V. Thankfully, this worked out ok.

In order to insert the twill tape, I had to use a seam ripper to slice some slits into the V-neck facings.  Make sure the one you use is sharp!  Frank just didn’t cut it, tee hee.

I used a pin to stop my seam ripper from going too far during this slitting process.

I did struggle once I got the V-neck facings attached, trying to deal with the finishing of the bottom of the V-neck.  I cut it properly according to the pattern, but things just didn’t lay right when I was trying to do the finishing step in the pattern.  You can see the wonkiness as I tried to fold the facings over one another, enclosing the small triangle piece of seam allowance.  Which then left corner holes and folds.  Not my favorite, but it will be ok.

You can see the slight wonkiness right around the bottom of the V-neck.

I even seam ripped and tried again to get it to lay nicer.  Oh well.  You’ll also notice a slight wavy seam in the hem at the bottom of the shirt.  Despite my use of the twin needle to do this hem.  Thankfully, ironing fix the waviness for the most part.

I had never used twill tape before, and had assumed the bias tape display at Jo Ann’s would have a color selection.  Not so much.  I had been hoping for a slightly darker beige or a brown.  But it was white or nothing!  I tied a large knot in one end of the twill tape, and used a safety pin to guide it over and under through the slits in both sides of the V-neck facing. Then I tied another knot at the top.  Both knots are on the inside of the top.

Close-up of the twill tape closure on the V-neck.

It’s pretty much halfway through February, and I feel like I am halfway done with this costume.  At least the sewing part.  I have pants and arm wraps left.  Here are the two completed pieces.

Completed top and gauze-y overlay for Rey.

In other Jedi related costume news, patterns and fabric has been purchased for Jedi Iron Man, which is the first Marvel-ous Jedi up on the docket, beginning in March.  Mom is helping me cut the pattern – I could be so much more productive if I were retired, so it’s nice she is sharing some of her time to help! 🙂


4 comments for “February Costume Progress: Rey

  1. Patty
    February 16, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Fantastic ! And having mom help is so so nice! You are amazing!

  2. February 16, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Looking good!! Can’t wait to see the finished project 🙂

    • February 16, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      Thanks. My hair is gonna have to grow out a bit between now and September, so I can style it right, heh.


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