February Costume Part 2: Rey – When Bustiness Gets in the Way

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Episode 7 was amazing.  I wish I was a more perfect fit for her as a cosplay, but I’m not.  There are some things about one’s body that you can’t easily change for cosplay.  Such as boobs.

The McCalls pattern for my Rey costume was not that difficult to complete.  I did the gauze-y gathered wrap pieces way back in October when I had delusions of grandeur thinking that I might finish my costume to match Link’s BB-8.  I remember having a bit of instruction confusion then on some final steps of the gauze, but thought I fixed it and then I didn’t touch the costume for three months.

As you saw earlier, I finished the top for this costume without too much trouble.  Believe it or not, the pants were even easier.  Essentially a pajama pants build, with a cuff under the knee and some gathers.  Nothing complicated there.

The last part to sew was the arm wraps.  I used the same fabric as I did for the top, which is a very thin knit.  The instructions for McCall’s 7421 just said to stitch the strips onto the base arm piece.  It didn’t even say to fold over a hem or not.  I tried not at first.  And I tried various stretch stitches.  And finally I settled on a twin needle stitch, with a narrow hem to thicken the fabric weight.  So the first arm band looked a little wonky at the top – first two bands were trials, and the bottom three are the much nicer hemmed and twin needle stitched ones.

After that I figured surely my second arm band would look way better.  WRONG.

I somehow angled the strips on the second arm band a bit too much towards vertical, and it made the length of the strips awkward.  Nobody meant for these strips to go from one top left corner to the bottom right corner.  Oh well.

All said and done, the arm bands look fine.  I added elastic to the top as the pattern said, and I hemmed up the bottom.  Here’s what one looked like from the inside.  I had to reduce the circumference at the wrist as you can tell from my stitching line.

In my excitement to be finished, I tried the costume bits on, complete with the gauze piece from October.

So.  Much.  Fail.  The confusion about how the gauze went together and wrapped was rightful, and I determined my “fix” was not a good one.  The gauze criss-crosses in the front and back on Rey’s costume, and I had uncrossed those in my sewing fix.  Thankfully, I just needed to rip some tacking stitches in the gauze pieces …

RIP Fred

These stitches should have been easy to remove, but I guess Fred was having a bad day.  Then it turned into an even worse day, as I used my seam ripper friend for the last time 🙁

Fred was not the only thing I broke during this costume make.  I also bent my first twin needle.  Skillz I tell you!

Still Fred served his purpose, and I re-fixed the gauze piece.  Costume trial number two …

… well apparently I should have done some sort of bust adjustment for this non-fitted gauze piece.

Boobs definitely getting in the way of my Jedi style.  Granted, I am missing a few accessories – belt, bag, wrist, boots.  But I think based on the picture at the right above that I might need to redo the gauze piece and move the elastic down six inches.  I imagine it belongs at the waist and it’s definitely not sitting at my waist right now.

I’m happy with the rest of it, and it should be easy enough to redo the gauze pieces.  More trial photos to come once I have accessories!  Maybe I’ll even do my hair this time, and dress up my tiny BB-8… Cheers until then!


3 comments for “February Costume Part 2: Rey – When Bustiness Gets in the Way

  1. February 28, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    I’m excited to see the completed version! I know nothing about the boobs of which you speak – never had a pair of those before! However, I can certainly see how that would complicate the sewing process.

    • March 1, 2017 at 8:44 am

      You’d think that after having adjusted plenty of sewing projects for such things that I would have known better. But it didn’t occur to me I would need to for a flappy very unfitted gauzey piece. I also haven’t really sewed from patterns much in the last few years so getting back into that, I will need to remember to think about FBAs!!

  2. December 11, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks for this article and first comment above brought tears to my eyes laughing 🙂


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