The Geek

I live with my husband and my three Italian Greyhounds – Zedd, Talon, & Penny.  We’ve moved a lot, but are currently located in the coastal Carolinas.  Gratuitous picture of the dogs:

By day, I work for an awesome software company, as a “UX Swashbuckler”.  Yes, that is my official title 🙂  It means I design and test user interfaces to make sure they are easy to use.  Got my degrees to do this at Clemson University – Go Tigers!

When you don’t find me playing a board game (like Stone Age), doing something crafty (like sewing), or playing a video game (like Civ 5 or Guild Wars 2), odds are I am reading or watching some form of nerdy television, such as Doctor Who or Star Trek.

Other things you should know about me?

  • My favorite My Little Pony is Fluttershy.
  • I have a bit of an obsession with pajamas.
  • I have a “talent” for mixing (not measuring) adult beverages.
  • I would go to work in fleece-lined leggings everyday if I owned enough of them.
  • One of my three dogs above is pretty much a face-hugger.

This blog began a about three years ago, as an outlet for sewing frustrations.  I began sewing in August 2011.  My friend Elizabeth and I undertook this journey together.  Each year my blog focus adjusts slightly. These days I most frequently write about costume and cosplay sewing projects, with board game reviews about once a month.  I still do everyday sewing posts, the occasional other craft or baking post, and posts related to travel or fun trips (like conventions).  If you are interested in having me review a board game or a sewing pattern on this blog, please contact me at

I hope you enjoy reading about my various obsessions as much as I enjoy writing about them.


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